Creature Lockwood Voodoo Isle 2 VX Everslick Skate Deck - 8.25"

Size 8.25"
Unbridled tech construction and slide vs. Hesh brute force and visuals. Behold, the VooDoo Isle Pro Series on Creature's first ever VX Everslick release! Choose between Lockwood's 8.25", Gravette's 8.375", or Russell's 8.53" shapes and let the VooDoo do the rest. Seriously, these decks ride like magic... Black magic that is. Art by Kevin Walsh @kevinwalshy.

VX Everslick combines 2 proven technology constructions into one with the strength and pop of VX and the fastest sliding slick material on the market—Everslick. VX Everslick features 5 plies of North American Maple and 2 layers of Quad X technology with a layer of Everslick material on the bottom. Thinner, stronger, and more pop than standard 7 ply decks with proprietary slick material that slides on almost any surface and features a unique graphic application that yields bright colors and high contrast graphics that look great longer.